Realization of our students

Professional competencies

  • Individuals successfully completed the programme of study and acquired a master's degree in Meteorology are able to: perform theoretical and experimental research in the field of meteorology; make observations of processes and phenomena in the atmosphere; explain the main atmospheric processes and phenomena from the planetary to local scales; apply basic operating system functions, data processing and visualization technology; analyse and interpret synoptic charts, diagrams and graphics; verify, interpret and use numerical weather prediction models output; provide meteorological information and weather forecasts to the users of meteorological products; make decisions in complex and difficult to forecast weather situations; develop methods and instruments for testing, measurement and control in scientific and industrial laboratories.

  • Professional career

  • Upon completon of the Masters programme, Meteorologists will become involved in consulting, directing, decision-making and management; others will become involved in areas such as research and development, or teaching. They can work in: research and operational departments of the national and regional Meteorological and Hydrological Services; civil and military aeronautical offices; hail suppression agency; environmental protection agency; protection of population service; public media; other organizations needed professionals in weather analysis and forecasting, climate monitoring and prediction, or other relevant applications. All graduates have the necessary knowledge to teach at universities.

  • International Students

    General information for International Students at Sofia University.


    An up-to-date list of suggested topics for the thesis in BSc. program "Astrophysics, Meteorology and Geophysics" 2021/2022 (in Bulgarian).

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