Curriculum "Physics of Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean" (PEAO)

Program Type of education Period of study Curriculum
MSc. in "PEAO" full-time 4 semesters in Bulgarian
MSc. in "PEAO" part-time 4 semesters in Bulgarian

The education in this master program is paid and the period of study is 4 semesters. The entrance exam isn`t required. Candidates who have graduated from all bachelor's or master's specialties are accepted if their average grade is not lower than "good". The training is regular starting from the winter semester.

International Students

General information for International Students at Sofia University.

Courses in the MSc. program in "PEAO"

Cource Type Annotations (only in Bulgarian)
First Year
General Physics compulsory pdf
Experimental Physics compulsory pdf
Introduction to Mathematics for Space and Earth Sciences compulsory pdf
Introduction to Geophysics compulsory pdf
Natural Disasters - Part 1 compulsory pdf
Аtmospheric Optics, Electricity and Acoustics compulsory pdf
Introduction to Meteorology compulsory pdf
Natural Disasters - Part 2 compulsory pdf
Practice in Geophysics compulsory pdf
Practice in Meteorology compulsory pdf
Earth`s Climate History compulsory pdf
Science Communication compulsory pdf
Second Year
Weather Forecast and Presentation elective pdf
Remote Sensing for Earth Observations elective pdf
Earth`s Thermal Field elective pdf
Seismology elective pdf
Ecological Problems and Transport of Pollutants in the Atmosphere elective pdf
Geoengineering elective pdf
Geomagnetism and Paleomagnetism elective pdf
Physical Hydrology elective pdf
Physical Oceanography elective pdf
Upper Atmosphere Physics elective pdf
Aviation Meteorology elective pdf
Physics of Climate elective pdf
Seismic Hazard and Risk elective pdf
Meteorological Service elective