Bachelor in "Astrophysics, Meteorology and Geophysics"


Undergraduate academic degree Bachelor of Science Type of education Period of study Curriculum
BSc. in "Astrophysics, meteorology and geophysics" full-time 8 semesters in English
BSc. in "Astrophysics, meteorology and geophysics" part-time 10 semesters in Bulgarian

International Students

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Courses in Modulus "Meteorology" and Modulus "Geophysics" in the program of BSc. in "Astrophysics, meteorology and geophysics".

Cources Annotations (only in Bulgarian)
Introduction to Geophysics pdf
Introduction to Meteorology pdf
Practice in Geophysics pdf
Practice in Meteorology pdf
Modulus "Meteorology"
General Meteorology - Part 1 pdf
General Meteorology - Part 2 pdf
Dynamic Meteorology - Part 1 pdf
Dynamic Meteorology - Part 2 pdf
Аtmospheric Optics, Electricity and Acoustics pdf
Experimental Meteorology - Part 1 pdf
Synoptic Analysis pdf
Synoptic Analysis: Laboratory Practice pdf
Physics of Climate - Part 1 pdf
Physical Oceanography pdf
Modulus "Geophysics"
General Geophysics - Part 1 pdf
General Geophysics - Part 2 pdf
Geology pdf
Seismology - Part 1 pdf
Seismology: Laboratory Practice pdf
Gravimetry pdf
Petrophysics pdf
Seismology - Part 2 pdf
Geomagnetism pdf
Near-Earth Space Physics pdf
Geoelectricity pdf
Facultative cources
Software applications in AMG in Linux pdf
Introduction to LaTeX pdf